Paramedic to Nano-Franchisee – St. John’s First Motivated Pooper Scooper

Life is full of unexpected twists and turns. This is the story of Joel Prior, a former paramedic and part-time paramedical college instructor in Northern Ontario, who is about to embark on a new journey as the first nano-franchisee for Motivated Pooper Scoopers in St. John’s, Newfoundland.

Joel Prior a Nano-Franchisee with Dog
Joel Prior a Nano-Franchisee with Dog

The Backstory

Joel’s career change began when his wife, also a paramedic, decided to become a doctor. This decision led the family to relocate to St. John’s, where the paramedic system worked differently, and the scheduling would have been challenging alongside his wife’s intern schedule and caring for their two children. Faced with these obstacles, Joel decided it was time for a change that better suited their family dynamic.

The Introduction

As a new resident in the neighborhood, Joel and I quickly became friends after I introduced myself while he was outside working on his front lawn. Over time, we shared stories about our careers and aspirations. It was during one of these conversations that I mentioned my idea of launching Motivated Pooper Scoopers and asked if Joel would be interested in becoming the first nano-franchisee for the division.

The Business Model

Joel was drawn to Motivated Pooper Scoopers because of the unique business model that emphasizes the success of its nano-franchisees. The company’s slogan, “nobody cares like an owner,” highlights this philosophy. As a nano-franchisee, Joel would have the opportunity to own his own nano-business that would give him the flexibility to work on his own schedule while still making a good honest living.

Additionally, Motivated Brands Inc. takes care of all the back end operations such as marketing and administrative tasks such as billing, scheduling and even has a full omni-channel call centre allowing Joel to focus on providing dependable, quality and guarantee backed service to his customers without worrying about backend operations.

The Countdown to Launch

With the launch of his Motivated Pooper Scoopers nano-franchise set for April 1st, Joel is eager to start making a difference in the lives of pet owners in the community. He is excited about meeting customers from all over the area and providing a much-needed service that will help families enjoy more quality time with their pets and each other.

Services Offered

Joel’s Motivated Pooper Scoopers nano-franchise will offer three core services: pooper scooper service for dogs, deodorizing and disinfecting service for yards and three types of cat litter box services, including scooping, exchange and complete cleaning. These services cater to pet owners who want a clean and healthy environment for their pets and families.

Traits for Success

Joel’s dependable nature, work ethic and friendly attitude make him an ideal candidate for running a successful Motivated Pooper Scoopers nano-franchise. He is confident that these traits, combined with his belief in the meaningful service he provides, will help him build a strong and loyal customer base.

In Conclusion

Joel Prior’s journey from Paramedic to Professional Pooper Scooper is a testament to the power of embracing change and seizing new opportunities. As the first nano-franchisee of Motivated Pooper Scoopers, Joel is poised to make a significant impact on the lives of pet owners in St. John’s and surrounding areas. We’re excited to follow his progress and watch his nano-business flourish as he sets the standard for future nano-franchisees.

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