Motivated Brands Inc. Origin Story

Who Is Motivated Brands Inc.?

Motivated Brands Inc. is a national Canadian company that motivates Canadians to write their own success stories by giving them the opportunity to love what they do and earn a good living through nano-franchise ownership.

What sets them apart is their unique approach to service delivery with each technician who always carries out the work being the proud owner of their own Nano-Franchise business.

This fosters a level of commitment & dedication that can’t be replicated in any other work arrangement.

As a consequence, they’re highly motivated, hence the company name, to consistently provide dependable quality and guarantee backed services because nobody cares like an owner!

Services Offerings

Their national network of Nano-Franchisees provides consumer services across various industries and divisions. Currently, they provide residential house cleaning services through Motivated House Cleaners and pet waste removal services through Motivated Pooper Scoopers.

In the coming weeks and months, they have several other divisions slated for national rollout such as Motivated Household Helpers, Motivated Haircutters, Motivated Nail Technicians and Motivated Wash and Fold, just to name a few.

Enhancing Technician Prosperity

They aim to become Canada’s largest franchisor — or as they term it Nano-Franchisor — and the trusted first choice of Canadian consumers. At the same time, they envision their unique nano-franchise business model helping to redistribute wealth and raise the socio-economic status of service Providers on the front lines.

Tackling High Technician Turnover

Its founder, Mark Baker, began as a solo house cleaner in the small Canadian city of St. John’s, Newfoundland. His obsession with quality workmanship and unwavering dependability quickly made him highly sought after.

As his business expanded it faced a high technician turnover rate which resulted in operational challenges and customer dissatisfaction. Aiming to solve the root cause of this technician turnover, rather than just treating its symptoms, Baker spent several years constantly testing different business model iterations. Despite these efforts, the ultimate solution remained elusive.

Nobody Cares Like An Owner!

Eventually, he reflected on his early days as a solo house cleaner and pondered what made him care so deeply about his work. The epiphany was both simple and profound: for him, it wasn’t merely a job — it was a business that he owned and nobody cares like an owner!

Recognizing that the commitment and dedication inherent in ownership could not be replicated in any other work arrangement, the solution finally became crystal clear: transform each technician into an owner like him. In that instant, the company’s slogan was born.

Why Technician-Turned-Owner Businesses Fail

Baker was acutely aware of the high failure rate among technicians who transition into business owners, a topic thoroughly examined in Michael E. Gerber’s ‘The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It.’ His goal was to navigate around these well-documented pitfalls.

Gerber asserts that most small businesses are started by technicians-turned-owners who fatally assume that knowing how to do the technical work of a business equips them to successfully run a business that performs that technical work.

They become consumed doing the technician work themselves and the business descends into chaos. To cope they unsustainably work more and more hours but, eventually, a tipping point is reached.

What was meant to enrich the owner’s life becomes a relentless slog, more ensnaring than liberating. With work quality and customer service faltering their hard-earned reputation begins to suffer. Burnout, financial troubles, health  and family issues ensue so, invariably, the unsustainable business shuts down.

Franchising To Prevent Small Business Failure

To mitigate this, Gerber recommends the technician-owner transition away from doing the technician work themselves using the franchise prototype model, even if they have no intention of franchising.

By ensuring that every task is repeatable by anyone, the owner-dependent small business transforms into a scalable independent entity that can thrive without the owner doing the technician work themselves.

In franchising, a business (the franchisor) receives an initial franchise fee and ongoing royalties from an individual (the franchisee). In return, the franchisee can use the franchisor’s brand, trademark, and operational systems plus receive training, support services and other benefits.

This model sets a business apart from competitors thanks to its turn-key system that consistently produces predictable and favorable results irrespective of the location or franchisee. Consumers trust and choose a brand based on its reputation, so the franchisor and franchisee work collaboratively to uphold and enhance it.

A New Subset of Franchising

Seeing the wisdom in Gerber’s writings, Baker looked to business format franchising as the avenue to empower technicians with ownership and resolve the ongoing high technician turnover rate.

However, he faced a dilemma: Gerber’s solution to avert failure in technician-turned-owner businesses didn’t align with his vision. On one hand, scaling and stepping back would dilute the unique level of commitment and dedication that only an owner can provide. On the other hand, not doing so risked creating an unsustainable business model prone to failure.

To bridge this gap he conceptualized a new business model that he termed nano-franchising. It provides the systematization and standardization of franchising but, as well, adds significantly enhanced support services that offload almost all administrative burdens to the nano-franchisor.

As a result, the nano-franchisee can always personally perform the technician work while, at the same time, sustainably circumventing the pitfalls that typically lead to small business failure.

The elements that make Nano-Franchising a unique and innovative subset within the broader franchising landscape are:

  • The technician, who carries out the work, is always the business owner.
  • Each technician-owner is a singular franchise unit.
  • Scaling is capped at two on-site assistants
  • Nano-Franchisees receive significantly enhanced support services.
  • Administrative burdens are offloaded from the Nano-Franchisee.
  • An owner-level of care translates to unmatched commitment and dedication.
  • The technician-owner consistently provides dependable service & quality workmanship.
  • Nano-franchising ensures the delivery of world-class customer support.

Nano-Franchising Solves Turnover

Nano-Franchising prevents turnover before it even happens by requiring a specific degree of effort, financial investment and initial contract duration. This strategically filters out the less serious or conscientious people without being a barrier to its target audience.

Traditionally, technicians have little autonomy, agency or control with their work life mostly dictated by the employer. This situation can foster feelings of subservience instead of meaningful purpose, creating an unsatisfying work environment and leading to burnout. Consequently, many employees choose to leave their jobs to regain a sense of control. Nano-franchising shifts the power dynamic. Technicians are empowered as their own bosses who have decision-making autonomy, enhancing job satisfaction and reducing turnover.

Nano-franchisees are less likely to leave in search of better pay. They receive 100% of the revenue, less a marginal royalty, plus enjoy self-employment tax benefits. They earn a true living wage with the opportunity for real economic advancement.

Nano-franchisee owners deeply connect with their businesses and form a strong emotional bond that merges their personal and business identities. This creates a drive to uphold high standards and protect their reputation. Turnover is reduced because they do not easily let go of something that is a part of their identity.

The endowment effect, a concept in behavioral economics introduced by Richard Thaler, reveals that people place higher value on things they own. Nano-franchisees, as owners, are reluctant to let go of this ownership which reduces turnover.

Finally, in traditional employment insufficient training often leads to poor job performance which is then followed by disillusionment and subsequent turnover. Nano-franchising provides standardization, systemization, and world-class training which improves performance, satisfies customers, and reduces stressful interactions, thereby lowering turnover.

Empowering and Transforming Lives

Baker was acutely aware of the harsh reality faced by many service industry technicians who worked as employees for minimum wage or just slightly above it.

Despite considerable effort and sound choices, they often found themselves trapped in an unforgiving cycle of living paycheck to paycheck, sinking deeper into debt. Even a single unexpected expense, like a basic car repair, could disrupt their already precarious financial situations. He envisioned nano-franchising as a solution to break this cycle.

Nano-franchising would shift the power dynamic by empowering technicians to become their own bosses, thus enhancing job satisfaction and providing a true living wage. As nano-business owners, they would retain all of the revenue from their hard work, minus a small franchise royalty, thereby opening the door to real economic advancement.

Simultaneously, he felt it would align with growing consumer demand for service industry technicians who are not only dependable and that consistently provide quality workmanship, but also who possess good character.

Baker envisioned this concept expanding beyond the residential house cleaning industry, transcending the borders of Newfoundland and Labrador and even reaching beyond Canada’s borders too.

The Brand Identity

With the concept fully conceptualized he next built a brand identity that would effectively communicate the nuanced concept to both consumers and service providers as noted below:

Company Name: Motivated Brands Inc.

Mission: To motivate Canadians to write their own success stories by giving them the opportunity to love what they do and earn a good living through nano-franchise ownership, while at the same time, consistently delivering dependable, quality and guarantee-backed services to Canadian consumers.

Vision: To become Canada’s largest franchisor and the trusted first choice of Canadian consumers with our unique nano-franchise business model helping to redistribute wealth and raise the socio-economic status of our Providers on the front lines.

Slogan: Nobody Cares Like An Owner!

Brand Promise: What sets us apart is our unique approach to service delivery with each technician, who always carries out the work, being the proud owner of their own nano-franchise business.

This fosters a level of commitment & dedication that can’t be replicated in any other work arrangement. As a consequence, they’re highly motivated, hence our name, to consistently provide dependable quality and guarantee backed services because nobody cares like an owner!

With the brand identity for Motivated Brands Inc. now established, Baker’s next step was to construct the infrastructure necessary for beta testing. Achieving success in this phase would be critical to the full realization of his vision.

Building Infrastructure

Next he constructed the infrastructure necessary for beta testing, a phase that would be critical to the full realization of his vision.  He formed a national corporation, registered interprovincially and then built a world-class omni-channel Customer Support Centre staffed with talented Customer Support Agents. 

Thankfully, Baker had the support of Roger Schulze from Desert Maids and Support 27 and Vivek Prajapati, CTO and Co-Founder of BookingKoala. Schulze offered crucial tech guidance when Baker was particularly challenged, and Prajapati, believing in Baker’s vision, made numerous updates to his software to help align it with Baker’s business model.

After a strenuous seven years, Baker reached a critical milestone – he was ready to beta test his theories.

Customer Support

Beta Testing Success

A 1.5-year beta testing phase proved Baker’s theories correct. Technician turnover was virtually eliminated, plummeting to low single digits.

With the root cause of operational challenges and customer dissatisfaction – turnover – eliminated, operations became smooth and both customer and provider relations flourished.

Provider dependability skyrocketed with missed bookings becoming rare plus quality ratings were off the charts too, averaging 4.95/5.00 over many thousands of bookings.

One of the most significant outcomes was how the model helped redistribute wealth and elevated the socio-economic status of technicians. Tyler Burke from the residential house cleaning division of Motivated House Cleaners is a prime example. In his one-year beta test, which concluded in November 2023, Burke achieved remarkable milestones.

Operating a small market he completed just over 700 bookings without missing a single scheduled booking, generated approximately $110,000 in revenue and maintained an exceptional average rating of 4.97 out of 5.00. With support from Motivated Brands IncHe has now hired an on-site assistant and is projected to generate about $150,000 in revenue in the next 12 months. Here is what he had to say about his experience:

“I can’t help but reflect on the incredible journey I’ve had with Motivated House Cleaners. What began as a leap of faith driven by curiosity and a desire for change has turned into a life-altering experience.

Being my own boss offered a level of independence and control over my career that I had never experienced before and the unwavering support from the Motivated House Cleaners team has been instrumental.

It has transformed my life in ways I couldn’t have imagined. Not only have I seen a significant improvement in my financial situation, but I’ve also found a sense of fulfillment that I never thought possible.

I’m grateful for the trust and support I’ve received. Today, I’m immensely proud to be a part of this remarkable company that is setting new standards for quality and professionalism in the residential house cleaning industry and beyond.”

Tyler Burke with his Wife

From Vision to Reality

Mark Baker’s journey stands as a testament to the way necessity can spark invention. What began as an initiative to tackle high technician turnover has evolved into something far greater.

As shown by technicians-turned-owners like Tyler Burke, Baker’s nano-franchise concept is poised to shift the power dynamic by enabling technicians to become their own bosses, find purposeful meaning in their work and access real opportunity for economic advancement.

Just over eight years since he cleaned his first house, Baker is ready to make a significant leap. On December 15, 2023, he will launch Motivated Brands Inc. across Canada introducing three divisions: Motivated House Cleaners, Motivated Pooper Scoopers and Motivated Household Helpers.

Because nobody cares like an owner when consumers choose Motivated Brands Inc. they’ll receive consistently dependable, quality and guarantee backed services. But more than that, they will be driving to the socio-economic upliftment of local nano-franchisee technicians and transforming lives

Mark Baker Public Speaking

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