Pet Waste Removal Services

Joel Prior: Professional Pooper Scooper

Motivated Pooper Scoopers, a division of Motivated Brands Inc, offers pet waste removal services and is founded on the principle that nobody cares like an owner. Each of our Professional Pooper Scoopers, who physically does the work, is an actual nano-franchisee business owner so they provide an industry leading level of dependability and quality backed by a no-hassle guarantee. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum.

Click the learn more button below to experience our inspirational brand story and how our founder Mark Baker, who started his journey as a solo house cleaner in St John’s Newfoundland, refused to accept the status quo.

Joel Prior – Professional Pooper Scooper

Nobody Cares Like An Owner!

Motivated Pooper Scoopers provides St. John’s and surrounding areas with pet waste removal services on a weekly and bi-weekly basis. Alternatively, you can book spring cleaning services on an as-needed basis, just when you need it.

Additionally, in St. John’s and surrounding areas we offer yard deodorizing or full yard sanitizing. These services can all be booked on an as-needed basis.

What sets us apart is our unique approach to service delivery with each technician, who always carries out the work, being the proud owner of their own Nano-Franchise business.

This fosters a level of commitment & dedication that can’t be replicated in any other work arrangement.

As a consequence they’re highly motivated, hence our name, to consistently provide dependable, quality & guarantee backed services because nobody cares like an owner!

Our St. John’s Pet Waste Removal Services

We provide pooper scooper services as-needed, bi-weekly, three times, twice or once per week plus as-needed spring cleaning. Additionally, yard deodorizing or full yard sanitizing can be added to your scooping service or purchased stand alone.

Our cat litter box services include scooping as-needed, weekly, three times, twice or once per week plus we can clean and disinfect your cat litter box on-site in our trailer too. With our cat litter box exchange service we replace your soiled litter boxes with cleaned, disinfected and pre-filled ones either three times, twice or once per week.

Pet Waste Removal GUARANTEE

Enjoy a risk-free pet waste removal experience with our Motivated Guarantee. Here’s how it works:

At booking clock-out, customers receive an email and SMS with a link to rate the booking, provide feedback and report any deficiencies. This feedback is shared with the Provider through our app plus  generates a support ticket in our Customer Support Centre. We review every rating to ensure our nano-franchisees are upholding the Motivated Pooper Scoopers brand standards.

If a Customer reports a deficiency through the rating link within 24 hours of clock-out they can activate our Motivated Guarantee. Our support team will reach out to make a list of the deficient checklist tasks and schedule a guarantee booking to address them without hassle or additional charge.

World-Class Customer Support

Our Omni-Channel Customer Support Centre, open 24/7/365, allows customers to effortlessly switch between their preferred communication methods. All channels are connected, ensuring we have access to your full communication history, whether you reach out by phone, email, SMS, or another method.

This ensures a non-repetitive customer experience, quicker responses and superior outcomes. Each communication generates a customer support ticket to prevent anything from slipping through the cracks and providing a 100% response rate to Customers.

The true power lies in our expert Customer Support Agents. They’re the heartbeat of our world-class customer support, bringing our state-of-the-art infrastructure to life with their talent and dedication.

Empower & Transform Lives

When you choose Motivated Pooper Scoopers you’re directly driving the success, socio-economic upliftment and empowerment of local nano-franchisee technicians. As nano-business owners they get all the revenue from their hard work, minus a small franchise fee, and earn a true living wage.

Traditionally, working as employees for minimum wage or just marginally more, technicians often get stuck in an unforgiving loop of living paycheck to paycheck. Even a single unexpected setback, like a basic car repair, can derail a fragile financial situation.

Nano-franchising shifts that power dynamic by empowering technicians as their own bosses, enhancing job satisfaction and providing a true living wage with opportunity for real economic advancement.

Additional Benefits

Our Providers are expertly trained, carry $2 million in insurance and are meticulously vetted, including semi-annual national criminal record checks.

Easily get a house cleaning estimate, check availability and book in just a few minutes with our online booking form, your customer dashboard or over the phone. As well, enjoy cashless credit card or Visa Debit payment too.

If you prefer self-service our Customer Dashboard offers complete control. You can manage bookings, update payment details, control what notifications you get and much more.

We’ll keep you in the loop with our comprehensive communication system providing four-day and 24-hour reminders and even real-time updates when your Provider is on the way, has arrived and clocks out.

Areas We Serve

We provide a range of pet waste removal services to St. John’s and its surrounding communities, towns and cities including: yard deodorizing, sanitizing & disinfecting; & cat litter box scooping, exchange & cleaning. Some of the areas we serve in and around St. John’s, Newfoundland are:

  • Conception Bay South
  • St. John’s
  • Logy Bay – Middle Cove-Outer Cove
  • Paradise
  • Mount Pearl
  • Petty Harbour – Maddox Cove
  • Witless Bay
  • Portugal Cove – St. Phillips
  • Torbay
  • Bay Bulls


In St. John’s and its neighboring areas, we provide pet waste removal services including: yard deodorizing, sanitizing & disinfecting; & cat litter box scooping, exchange & cleaning. We proudly serve the following postal codes in and around St. John’s, Newfoundland:

  • A1A
  • A1B
  • A1C
  • A1E
  • A1G
  • A1H
  • A1K
  • A1L
  • A1M
  • A1N
  • A1S
  • A1W
  • A1X
  • A0A

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore frequently asked questions related to the pet waste removal services offered by Motivated Pooper Scoopers. If you’re seeking information about our yard deodorizing, sanitizing & disinfecting; & cat litter box scooping, exchange & cleaning, you’ll find helpful answers here or on our main FAQ page.

Should you have any further inquiries regarding our pet waste removal services, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Our expert Customer Support Agents are always ready to assist you with any questions or needs you might have.

You can book online by visiting our website and clicking the “Book” button. Alternatively, call 1-888-410-6243 and an expert Customer Support Agent can make your booking over the phone. If you prefer, you can also text, email, or send us a direct message on social media or reach out on our website contact form and we can call out to you.

At Motivated Pooper Scoopers, we aim to make scheduling pet waste removal services as convenient and seamless as possible.

The cost for our regular and spring clean pooper scooper services at Motivated Pooper Scoopers depends on several factors including the size of your yard, the amount of pet waste, time since your last scoop, the number of dogs you have and their bathroom habits, to name a few. Since every yard is unique, it’s impossible to provide an exact estimate in advance.

We start with a base rate* for the service and then charge a per-minute rate for every minute after the first 15 minutes using a GPS timer.

Regular Pooper Scooper Services: $19.99* base rate then after 15 minutes $1 per minute. You can add-on yard deodorizing for $9.99 or deodorizing, sanitizing and disinfecting for $39.99.

Spring Clean Pooper Scooper Services: $49.99* base rate then after 15 minutes $2 per minute. You can add-on yard deodorizing for $9.99 or deodorizing, sanitizing and disinfecting for $39.99.

Yard deodorizing is available stand alone without pooper scooper service for $19.99* base rate then after 15 minutes $1 per minute. You can add on pooper scooper service for $9.99.

Complete yard deodorizing, sanitizing and disinfecting is available stand alone without pooper scooper services for $49.99* base rate then after 15 minutes $2/minute. You can add pooper scooper service for $9.99.

Cat litter box scooping service is $19.99* base rate then after 15 minutes $1 per minute.

Cat exchange service is $9.99* per litter box & cat litter box cleaning is $49.99* and then after 15 minutes $1 per minute.

*$4.99/booking fuel surcharge added

Motivated Pooper Scoopers provides pet waste removal services in various communities, towns and cities across Canada.

You can check to see if we service your area by visiting our website and clicking the “Book” button to enter your postal code.

If we don’t service your area, red text will appear to inform you. Alternatively, you can call, text, email, send us a direct message on social media or reach out through our website contact form and we can let you know if we service your area:

Another option is to visit the locations page on our website, choose your province and then select your city or the closest city to you. If you don’t see your location listed, please reach out as we are always adding new service areas.

At Motivated Pooper Scoopers, our services are built on the principle that nobody cares like an owner.

Our unique nano-franchise business model means that each of our Professional Pooper Scoopers, who physically handle the pet waste removal work, are actual nano-franchisee business owners, ensuring the highest level of care and commitment to your satisfaction.

When you book our services, you can consistently expect an industry-leading dependability, quality and a guarantee-backed experience.

  1. Seamless Omni-Channel Customer Support
  2. Committed Nano-franchisee Technicians
  3. Highly Skilled Expert Nano-Franchisees
  4. High-Quality Workmanship
  5. Consistently Dependable
  6. No-Hassle Guarantee
  7. Support Local Nano-Businesses
  8. Contribute to the Local Economy
  9. Help with Wealth Redistribution and Socio-economic Upliftment
  10. Convenient Cashless Payment
  11. Simple Online Booking
  12. Comprehensive Customer Dashboard
  13. Robust Insurance Coverage
  14. Trustworthy Background Checked Providers
  15. Many Service Frequency Options
  16. Timely Text Reminders

At Motivated Pooper Scoopers we strive to make the billing process as seamless and convenient as possible. Here’s how it works:

Accepted Payment Methods: We accept payment through credit cards and Visa Debit only. We do not accept cash, cheque or e-transfer payments.

Card Hold Policy: A hold will be placed on your provided card 72 hours (3 days) before the booking start time to ensure there is enough balance to cover the estimated amount of the service. This policy also applies to waiting list bookings.

Please note that the hold may appear as a charge, depending on your financial institution, but it is only a hold. You will not be actually charged until after the service is completed.

Post-Booking Charge and Receipt: Once the booking is completed, the hold will convert to a charge. If the amount billed is higher than the estimated and held amount, you may see a second charge on your card to cover the difference.

After the booking is complete and the billing has been processed, you will automatically receive an email with a receipt for your service. The receipt will break down the total time logged with the GPS timer and other pertinent details.

Accessing Receipts: You can access, download and print your receipts from your customer dashboard at any time if you need them in the future.

By using this billing process we ensure a smooth and transparent experience for our clients while maintaining the security of their payment information.


Hear what our satisfied customers have to say about their experiences with our expert Professional Pooper Scoopers who consistently provide dependable, quality and guarantee-backed pet waste removal services to pet owners across Canada.

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